Scott Hill

Hill’s Martial Arts was established in June 2007 by its’ Chief Instructor, Scott Hill. The high energy training environment at Hill’s has encouraged many people to grow in mind, body, and spirit. And the dedication to the improvement of the community, and especially its’ youth, compels our philanthropy. Each year we donate time and money totaling approximately $8,000 per year to local schools, churches, and youth organizations. 

Mr. Hill is a Fifth Degree Black Belt who began his Martial Arts training upon graduating high school as a new challenge after 6 years of wrestling success. His cross training in several forms of the martial arts and his person mind set of “Becoming proficient in everything, stink at nothing” lead him to compete in full contact karate tournaments and Jui Jitsu grappling tournaments. His calling to share his skills for the betterment of others in the community compelling him to open his own school. 

We train not only to build better skill, but to build better character in everyone we encounter.