Joseph Brown

Mojo is in our fourth year connecting with and inspiring folks with our delicious drinks. We look like a food truck but are a coffee/specialty drink shop on wheels. We have served and connected with thousands of great people and many organizations. What makes us special? 

  1. The truth is coffee beans are at their best 10 to 14 days after being roasted. After 14 days they deteriorate rapidly. Out beans are never older than 10 days from being roasted. 
  2. Many of our coffees are organic and fair trade as well as our Chai Tea. 
  3. Our Frapps, Hot Chocolates and Mochas are made with delicious Ghirardelli.
  4. Mojo’s award winning Cold Brew Coffee, a fourteen hour brewing process. 
  5. All of our drinks are hand crafted not made with generic powered mix or automatic machines. 
  6. Most important are the relationships with strive to develop with each person we serve. 

In the new coffee shop, Whole Hearted Coffee, we will be providing that same delicious drinks plus a few new ones. The theme of the shop is “connections.” The most valuable things we have are valid, vulnerable connections with folks that are good for us and inspire us to be the best we can be and inspiring others. We will be featuring delicious baked goods from talented local bakers as well as occasional coffee tastings using beans from local roasters. We will also be having music and game nights as well as special appearances from guests on different subjects such as Ron Wilson, the Garden expert from Natorp’s Garden Center, a Brazillian model, and clothing designer and so much more. We want to see Morrow flourish and become a destination point in the area. We also plan to have an electronic screen with info about every business in morrow. Most of all, we want to connect with each of you. Every person is worthy and valuable and have a lot to give.